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PURO means "pure vegan and raw food" and stands for fresh, healthy, cruelty-free food. PURO is an integrated concept embracing the brand, design, all recipes and processes in a way that the concept can be realized anywhere regardless of the geographical area. Although the menu is international, the food is prepared mainly from local and seasonal ingredients.
Besides fresh food, you will find selected assortment from the popular grocery chain Veganz and also from the leading producer of meat alternatives Vegetarian Butcher. PURO is a pick-up place for the e-shop veganz.cz.

Kromě čerstvých jídel najdete v bistru PURO i vybrané produkty ze sortimentu známého řetězce veganských supermarketů Veganz a také předního výrobce masových alternativ Vegetarian butcher - Vegetariánský řezník. PURO funguje i jako výdejní místo pro e-shop veganz.cz